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Peak DIY SEO is a powerful solution to affordably increase your local Google rankings. From awesome content/blog services to building authoritative links to your website, we can help. New to the program? We strongly encourage you to check out these awesome training videos before placing your first order.


Here we explain (in layman’s terms) title tags, what to write about, and the best tools to help you get the job done right. Discover how to EXPLODE your leads with PEAKContent Services.



Why do you need links? How many links do you need? Everything you need to know about link building. Leave this video feeling educated and empowered, and grow traffic with PEAKGuestPost Solutions.

  • 100% Managed SEO Service
  • Content Building | Link Building
  • On-Page Optimization
  • NAP Citation Cleanup
  • Keyword Research
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Month-To-Month
  • #1 Most Ordered Product
  • You CAN’T Grow without
    New Content
  • Hands-Free Blog/Content Service
  • College-Level and Above Writers
  • Price: $200+
  • #2 Most Ordered Product
  • In-content Guest Post Links
  • Manual Outreach Only—
    100% Real Sites
  • Domain Authority | DA30 – DA50
  • Price: $350+
  • For Local Business Rankings
  • NAP Citations—Top Directories
  • Updates Business Info,
    Builds Trust, Helps Rankings
  • One-Time Purchase
  • Price: $185+
  • Syndicate Your Blogs & Content
  • Guaranteed Publishing on
    100+ News Sites
  • Guaranteed Distribution
  • Fast & Easy Way to Get Content Seen
  • Price: $295+
  • Press Release
  • Great for Trustworthy Link Diversity
  • 100+ News Outlets |
    NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.
  • Strong Domain Authority
  • Price: $375+
  • In-Content Links from Blogs
  • Diversified Links
    Natural Anchor Text Only
  • 100% Original Content
  • Recommended Schedule: 6x/Year
  • Price: $160+



Optimizing your website to rank on
Google takes time. Never buy into a
‘quick fix’ solution. They never work,
and generally produce adverse results.
If you want results, Local SEO must be done
honestly, and by Google’s standards. This
is how you get long-lasting results with a
big ROI.
There are two things you MUST have if
you want to get more traffic, and more
leads from your website. You need
Content & Links. Without these, your
odds of success diminish substantially.




If you want fully managed, comprehensive solution, try PEAKManaged. With this product you get everything you need to do the job right. Our team will come up with content ideas and build Guest Post links and do everything we can to increase your site’s authority and trustworthiness.

Note: It normally takes 4-6 months to see quantifiable results.






This DIY solution lets you control your monthly spend and grow at your own pace. PEAKContent (suggested 4-8 blogs/month) piles on to the number of keywords you can rank for, and PEAKGuestPosts (suggested 2-10 guest post/month) builds trust and authority, which are critical components to more website visits and leads.

If you want an extra boost, consider adding PEAKSyndication to have your existing blogs and content seen on news sites across the US. A great way to build link authority, and reach more people.

PEAK Do-It-Yourself Local SEO—By Industry

We’ve got DIY SEO solutions for every business. Check out some of the industries we serve below, and enjoy free tips and research done specifically for your business

DISCLAIMERS: We do NOT serve adult or gambling websites.

Our recommended solutions are practices that have proven time and time again to be effective. In fact, we’ve been doing this successfully for nearly 10 years! However, no one, including us, can guarantee how/when Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines will respond. Our solutions are designed to offer you an affordable way for getting more website traffic & leads, without the deep investments required by most digital marketing agencies. While we’re here to help you win the game, Peak Marketing Service, LLC makes no promises or guarantees. Simply put, neither we nor any other agency can control 3rd party algorithms.