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Affordable Painter Sales Leads – Buy Exclusive Guaranteed Qualified Sales Leads actively looking for office and house painting service. Buy hot, ready-to-buy painting leads that are presently looking for a local contractor.

  • Office Painting Leads
  • House Painting Leads
  • Interior/Exterior Painting Leads

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A Results-Driven Approach to Lead Generation

This is not a sweepstakes campaign, or any other practice to lure unsuspecting business people in to completing a form. Every prospect you speak with will be engaged and/or have been looking at reviews, comparing prices, and are now ready to be sold by the best company.

  • Sales Leads For Painting Companies
  • HOUSE and OFFICE Painter Sales Leads
  • SPECIALIZED SERVICES LEADS for Interior/Exterior Paint Contractors
  • Leads For all Painting Needs.

House Painters earn between $3700-  $7000 for most jobs. Let us help you get sales leads that deliver amazing ROI’s and build your business.


Real Time Delivery =

TARGETED: Painting Contractor Sales Leads are matched automatically to Suppliers based off of your Services and Budget.

PAY-PER LEAD: Leads are delivered in Real Time.

MONTH-TO MONTH: No long term contract.

LOW SET UP FEE: The fee for Standard lead delivery via text to cell or email is $0.00. (Note: Set-up fees based on integration needs)

EXCLUSIVE/SHARED: Leads are exclusive to 1-3 suppliers.


HIGH QUALITY: No sales gimmicks and no teasers used. Get real leads with real interest.

OPT IN: Our traffic is 100% users who voluntarily engaged in vetting suppliers services and products.

FLEXIBLE: You define the how many leads you want and what kind.

QUANTIFIABLE: Measure the ROI of your overall campaign from the first lead.

PRICING: Fixed Pricing. Always know exactly how much each lead will cost. No surprises

How it Works

We connect thousands of homeowners with home pros every month.

Peak Marketing Service owns a wide array of internet assets, including review sites, niche websites, and cost comparison websites. We use these properties, along with strategic partnerships to deliver the most qualified buyers that are actively searching for your services. We produce the leads so you can produce the sales.

How Much Do Painting Leads Cost?

This is a fair question, but it’s probably not the one you should be asking.  For example, Painting company leads that cost $20 each but don’t convert at a good percentage will not be helpful to your business. However buying painting leads that cost $50 – $90, but convert at a higher rate is actually better money spent.

The question is ‘what will your marketing cost be?’. Smart painters agree that the most important thing is how much return you get per dollar spent. Our clients see marketing costs ranging between 3% – 10%. When it’s all said and done, your priority isn’t who has the cheapest house painting leads. What you really want is a good return for each dollar spent.

cost per lead – $85 – $175 each. CLose Up to 1 in 5 leads. Give us 10% of your trust. We’ll earn the rest.




BE COMPETITIVE: Studies show that 35% of homeowners are looking to compare up to 3 estimates from local painting companies. How do your prices stack up? Painting the interior of a 2,500-square-foot house costs the average homeowner between $3,800 – $4,600. For exterior house painting, you’ll need to charge between $2,900-$3,900 to be competitive.

Mastering the Art of Buying Painter Leads: Shared, Phone Leads, Appointments, and More

In the age of digital marketing, purchasing leads for your painting business can significantly enhance your reach and help you connect with potential customers more effectively. Buying painter leads is an investment in your business’s future growth and success. To navigate this arena successfully, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with concepts like shared leads, phone leads, appointments, exclusive leads, pay per sale, and guaranteed leads.

Shared House Painting Leads

Shared leads are prospects that are sent to multiple businesses, rather than just one. They tend to be less expensive than exclusive leads, but they also carry a higher level of competition since several businesses are vying for the same customer’s attention. To make the most out of shared leads, you’ll need to respond promptly and provide a compelling offer that stands out from your competition. Even though shared leads are more affordable, the return on investment may not be as high due to the increased competition.

Phone Leads For Painters

Phone leads are potential clients that have shown interest in a service and have agreed to receive phone calls from providers. These leads can be either shared or exclusive. Phone leads allow you to have a direct, personalized conversation with a potential customer. This medium gives you the opportunity to answer any questions, address any concerns, and pitch your painting services effectively. However, remember to respect the lead’s privacy and stick to the times they have given for receiving calls.

Appointments For Painters

In the context of painter leads, appointments refer to leads where the potential customer has agreed to a specific date and time for a consultation or meeting. This could be a virtual meeting, a phone call, or an in-person meeting to discuss their painting needs and your services. These are high-value leads as the customer has shown a significant level of interest. However, they are often more expensive and require prompt follow-ups and excellent customer service to convert into sales.

Exclusive Painting Leads

Exclusive leads are sold only to one company. They are typically more expensive than shared leads due to their exclusivity, but they also carry a higher conversion rate as you’re the only business contacting that lead. Buying exclusive painter leads can be a smart investment if you have a high-converting sales process, as there’s no direct competition. But to make the most of these leads, you need to ensure you’re quickly following up on them and providing high-quality service.

Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale is a pricing model where you only pay for leads that convert into actual sales. This model is attractive for many painting businesses as it directly ties the cost of the lead to the revenue generated from it. However, it requires a careful tracking system to ensure accurate accounting of sales originating from these leads. It also may involve higher per-lead costs, given the potential revenue each lead represents.

Guaranteed Painter Leads

Some lead providers offer guaranteed leads, meaning they promise to deliver a certain number of leads over a specific period. While this may sound appealing, be sure to clarify what is meant by “lead.” Some providers may consider any contact a lead, while others may only count leads who have shown a clear interest in your painting services. It’s also crucial to understand what happens if the provider does not fulfill the guarantee. Often, they’ll make up the shortfall in a subsequent period, but be sure this is clearly outlined in any agreement.

Buying painter leads can be a valuable tool for growing your painting business, but it’s not without its complexities. Understanding the various types of leads – shared, phone leads, appointments, exclusive leads – and pricing models like pay per sale and guaranteed leads, can help you make an informed decision that will benefit your business in the long run.

Typical labor costs for painters range between $95 – $130 per hour.