Sales Leads For Answering Service Companies – Qualified Call Center Service Leads  

Leads For Answering Service Companies

Pump up Your Close Rate by 90% With Exclusive Leads For Call Center Services and/or Phone Answering Service

Buy Answering Service Sales Leads – Exclusive Guaranteed Qualified Sales Leads actively looking to hire a phone answering service or call center services provider. If you’re looking for serious sales leads that are presently looking for a phone answering service then we have just what you need. Every month we capture hundreds answering service sales leads. These leads are looking for as few as 100 calls a month to as many as 10,000 inbound calls. From appointment setting services, after hours phone coverage, to advanced call center services, we have every kind of sales lead, and best of all they are actively searching online for an answering service.

—This Service Available For National Call Center Service Suppliers Only

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This is not a sweepstakes campaign, or any other practice to lure unsuspecting people in to completing a form. Every prospect you speak with will be engaged and/or have been looking at reviews, comparing prices, and are now ready to be sold by the best company.

  • Answering Service Sales Leads
  • Call Center Services Sales Leads
  • Virtual Receptionist Leads

An answering service is a business that receives and answers telephone calls for its clients. A phone answering service serves hundreds of market segments which include doctors, attorneys, property management and apartments, HVAC companies, roofers, funeral homes, and other small businesses that require 24 hour phone coverage. A call center service provider typically supports higher call volumes for infomercials, help desk support, and websites requiring order processing. Whatever your need, we have the best sales leads to grow your call center.

Real Time Delivery = Best Qualified Sales Leads For Call Centers & Answering Service Providers

• Answering service Leads are matched automatically to Suppliers Based off of your Services and Budget.

•Pay-Per-Lead. Leads are delivered in Real Time.

•Month-to-Month. No long term contracts.

$0.00 Set Up Fee for Standard lead delivery via text to cell or email (Note: There IS a set up fee if integration with CRM is required)

•Leads are exclusive to 1 answering service supplier.

Develop your Call Center Services Lead Pipeline (Acquire New Client Acquisitions)

•HIGH QUALITY: No sales gimmicks and no teasers used. Only pay for answering service leads with real interest.

•OPT IN: Our traffic is 100% users who voluntarily engaged in vetting suppliers services and products.

•FLEXIBLE: You define the how many leads you want and what kind.

•QUANTIFIABLE: Measure the ROI of your overall campaign from the first lead.

•PRICING: Fixed Pricing. Always know exactly how much each lead will cost. No surprises.

We connect thousands of business owners to buyers every month – How it Works

Peak Marketing Service owns a wide array of internet assets, including review sites, niche websites, and cost comparison websites. We use these properties, along with social media and paid search to reach the most qualified buyers that are actively searching for your products. We produce the leads so you can produce the sales.

LEAD DEFINITION / DISCLOSURE: A Qualified Answering Service Lead is defined as a lead submitted that has been identified as a consumer seeking project intent and includes a name, connected phone number, email, address, and project type. For exclusive leads campaigns, only one business will receive a customer’s information per submission. For shared leads, up to five parties will receive the lead. We do not make guarantees, representations or warranties regarding a customer’s level of interest, their desire to have use services, their ability to pay you, the accuracy of the information provided by the customers, or that any customers will hire you to perform services, nor do we guarantee that you will successfully make contact each customer. We are not involved in, nor do we have any responsibility for your contracts with customers, their creditworthiness, or any payments to you or any disputes they may have with you or you may have with them. Peak Marketing Service is free to contract with other service professionals, as this is not an exclusive contract. While typically less than 10 – 15%, some leads may contain invalid information.