A steady flow of highly qualified leads in your inbox every morning. Every lead  actively searching for your services and ready to buy, often-times on the spot. You’ll always know exactly how much each lead is going to cost so your company can budget accordingly.  That’s what you get with Peak Marketing Service, LLC!

How It Works

  • Pay a One-Time Set – Up Fee of $500.
  • Agree to our FIXED COST / Lead Set By Peak Marketing Service
  • Start Getting Hot, Ready to Buy Exclusive Leads

How Much Does a Lead Cost?

No two businesses are alike. Every industry is different, and every market is different, and as such the cost for leads will vary according to your industry and location. For example, our cost to acquire a lead for personal injury attorneys in New York will be far greater than our cost for a payroll service in Durham, NC.

Once we have discussed your needs our team will be able to give you a firm quote on the cost per leads and how many we can supply.

How Does Peak Marketing Get Sales Leads?

Peak Marketing Service uses social media, Adwords, SEO, and a number of its own digital assets such as review websites, cost comparison websites, and niche sites created as informational properties to answer a prospective buyers questions and generate real leads. We never use bait or incentivize prospects to complete contact forms. All leads will have a genuine interest in your products or services.

How Do You Send Us Our Sales Leads?

Leads are distributed in live time via email, SMS text message, or into your CRM software (i.e. SalesForce).

What if the Lead is Bogus (bad email, phone, contact name)?

With Peak Marketing, you only pay for valid leads. A lead requires a real name and at least one valid piece of contact information, specifically a phone number or an email address. If a lead does not meet these requirements simply contact our team and, pending verification, we will remove it from your account.

The PEAK Difference – Why Our Leads are Better

While many of these programs are very effective, some companies charge on a ‘per action basis’ (i.e. clicks) and others sell the same lead to as many as 6 buyers. Those solutions can be very effective, and we do participate with some of those programs, however this system allows suppliers to exclusively own the sales lead. Exclusivity means less competition and no bidding wars for cheapest price.

Are There Any Long Term Contracts?

In a word, “no”! While you should be prepared to invest 2-4 months to see the full impact of our services, you are free to terminate the agreement with just 30 days notice. We know if we deliver results you won’t leave, but if we don’t deliver leads then you shouldn’t be stuck in an agreement that’s weighted to favor just one side.

Contrary to popular opinion, the fact is most businesses can be wildly successful with the affordable solutions provided by Peak Marketing Services, LLC. Our team works to discover the questions that your prospects need answered, and we capture potential buyers by developing highly optimized content that your prospects can find, leading to quality sales leads that actually close.

With a steady diet of qualified leads, you can worry less about prospecting and focus more on what you do best. Selling and Growing Your Business.

Buyers from small-to-medium enterprises rely on Peak Marketing Service to discover, compare, and purchase the products and services they need to manage and grow their businesses.

Have more questions? We’re here to help.