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Pricing - Pay Per LeadLead Conversion Rates – How Much Will it Cost?

From internal call centers to follow up procedures, there are a wide variety of factors that will determine the conversion rate of your sales leads. The below is a guide that will should offer a realistic idea of how much leads will cost, and what to look for. Lead cost varies by market and industry.

*Form Lead Conversion Rates (per 100 leads)

Lead Conversion RatesAverage Cost $55 each:

  • 10-15 “bad leads” (no longer interested, disconnected etc.) Price is built into lead cost
  • 50-60 contacted leads
  • 20-35 appointments set
  • 12-15 Actual Presentations
  • 5-6 sales


  • $5500…………(estimated cost for 100 leads)
  • $40k-$60k….(estimated net sales)
  • 9%-13.5%……(estimated marketing cost)

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*APPOINTMENT Lead Conversion Rates

Appointment CalendarAverage Cost $100-$110 each:

Typically, per 100 Appointments received about 45-60 should end up running. Our partners should close at about a 20% clip, so roughly 11/100 appointments should close. At a $100 Appointment, that backs into an average of a $909 cost per Sale. With an average job size of $9,000, that backs into a 9.9% marketing cost.

Peak Marketing Service does not guarantee that all home owners agree to be present.

All appointments set are billable.

*Actual conversion rates will vary. We do not guarantee your conversion rates will match the above.


  • Call the lead within 5 minutes of receipt (MOST IMPORTANT).
  • If no contact is made, attempt to contact the lead 3 times on day one, and 7-10 dials during the first week.
  • After the first week, attempt contact once daily for up to a month.
  • Have a compelling, time sensitive, message to motivate return calls (i.e. same as cash financing, $1000 off windows, $0 down).
  • When possible, also email and/or send text messages.


  • 35% of prospects care most about total cost
  • 46% are more concerned with reviews and reputation
  • 60% have no preference to company size
  • 40% want 2 – 4 estimates
  • 80% have no preference to brand choice


  • 41% close within 1-11 days
  • 31% close within 12-30 days
  • 25% close within 30+ days
  • 3%   close in 100+ days

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