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Peak Foundations is Easy And Affordable Way For diversifying your in-bound Contextual Links to Help Your Site’s Ranking In Google, Bing, Yahoo, And Other Search Engines.

Starting at $67.

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WHY ORDER THIS? Peak Foundations links help to build a healthy base of trusted in-content links to your site. This is not the same as our higher-end authoritative links (like Guest Post services). This plan was created to be a low-cost product to build diverse, natural looking links.

As people work to earn links to their website, they may mistakenly over-optimize. This happens when you use too many of the same keywords, or when a greater percentage of links are anchor text terms to intentionally, or unintentionally trick search engines to rank your site for specific terms. That practice will not work!


  • Includes 3 URLs
  • 6-48 in content Links
  • 3-8 Top Level Blogs

ABOUT THESE LINKS: Links are placed on real blogging platforms. All content is real. In general, these blogs will have a DA (domain authority) ranging between DA10 – DA20. These kinds of links are not designed to pack the punch like most of our other solutions. This is simply an effective, and affordable, way to protect yourself from over-optimizing your site.

NOTE: We do not recommend using keyword anchor text (i.e. buy cars, roofers, lawyers). Instead, you should use 100% generic terms, like ‘click here’, ‘learn more’, etc.


On this product you do not get to approve the content. Our team creates original, semantically relevant blogs and articles around your product or service subject matter. You will have options to pick writers from our Premium English Team or our Standard Content Team.

All blogs/articles/content is 100% original, Copyscape checked.


This is the easiest part. In the order form, just enter your URLs and the anchor text to be used, and you’re done! When the project is complete, we’ll send you a full report.


That all depends on how badly you think your site is over-optimized. To play it safe, it’s a good idea to place an order every 2-3 months.

And remember, this is not a replacement for your normal, authoritative link-building efforts. Please refer to our other services for that kind of support.