Best Practices For Pay-Per-Click-Management In-House – Free Downloadable White Paper

If you have ever tried managing your search engine  marketing in-house you have probably realized that a lack of knowledge and understanding of pay-per-click systems can make for some serious loss of cash with little or no return. But don’t let that detour you just yet because when you know what you are doing these systems can produce immediate results with relevant PPC clicks producing same day sales. Perhaps you read our recent press release on Fox News offering some plain talk about what you need to know about using PPC campaigns to capture customers online without paying us or another third-party. Our staff created a 15-page download that teaches you everything you need to know to successfully manage you online paid search campaigns. To motive you to jump on it now we decided not to require your email address or any personal information.

If you are really interested in literally having total control over your investment and managing a full on-demand diet of new customers then you simply do not want to ignore this free download.

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We covered all of the basics to get you started with Google, Bing, and Yahoo paid search today. We discuss Split A/B testing, keyword research, and the extreme importance of using negative keywords to avoid paying for clicks that don’t yield sales. Additionally you’ll get the inside scoop and learn about the secrets to creating landing pages that can increase conversions by as much as 500% using a process that takes just minutes to set up.

What to Expect From A Successful Search Engine Marketing Plan

PPC White Paper Download1) Same day leads – Simple turn it on and start capturing serious, ready to buy leads. Then when you get too busy just turn it off.

2)  A Level Playing Field – Even if your company is made up of two people operating in a warehouse, you can still compete with the national chains. This gives you the ability to easily compete and grow your business without having to invest beyond your means.

3) Speed-to-market – PPC advertising can be launched in minutes, bringing in highly  targeted internet traffic and qualified leads to your website.

4) Local Reach– Additional online traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your internet visibility and establishing your company as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

5)  Testing Capabilities– Paid search ads are an easy and reliable way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, and therefore determining if a full site SEO optimization campaign is a smart investment.  It’s also a safe and trustworthy solutions for landing page A/B testing so you can direct PPC traffic to your choice of pages to determine which pages convert at the highest rate with the lowest bid.

6)  Maximize the return on your marketing investment– Because you only when an ad is clicked it’s simple to control all costs, track sales and conversions, and calculate your ROI with 100% accuracy.

7)  Budgeting – With a PPC campaign you will be able to set a daily and monthly budget permissions and this can be increased accordingly as you determine the quality leads and search traffic to your website.

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