Best Ethical SEO Practices

Ethical SEO Practices

Every client we work with has one common goal: Traffic. The bottom line is the higher your website ranks in the search engine results and is seen by relevant users, the more traffic you get.

We believe that both short-term and long-term success are totally dependent on the implementation of Ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Ethical search engine optimization (SEO) can be achieved by using SEO marking techniques and strategies that are acceptable by search engines. There are a lot of unethical tricks and techniques that are used to enhance a sites SEO, and these include keyword stuffing, hidden text, multiple redirects and irrelevant text writing just to mention a few. Unethical techniques may produce fast results but don’t really get a site far and search engines always penalize the culprits. That said, there are some fantastic white hat techniques you can use to optimize your website and we will be discussing these below.

How Do We Know Our SEO Techniques Work?

Quality Content

You’ve probably heard of the statement ‘content is king’. As cliché as it sounds, it is true and Google only rewards content it regards as quality. Quality content can be considered as so many things and one of the major players is the length of the content. Short articles may be regarded as spam, while long articles are not favored as they don’t generate much interest.

Unique, Fresh Content

Besides having quality content, you also need to be consistent with your content generation. You cannot expect your site to stay relevant with content that has stayed unchanged for months. Fresh content always generates attention even with readers, and it’s important to note that your content loses its freshness as the days go by. You need to publish unique, quality content consistently. Copied content is frowned upon and you must ensure that the content you publish does not exist on another site.

Natural Back Linking

Natural back links are not easy to come by but are well worth it. If you wish to avoid Google Panda, you need to ensure that you avoid links with spam sites, and the good news is that there is a web master tool that can help you stay away from these. Earn some quality and relevant links from your clients, social media pages and authority blogs in your niche. Still on links, do not underestimate the value of internal links as these do a great job of reducing your site’s bounce rates and provide easy navigation.

Web Design

Your web design can impact your SEO in a positive or negative manner. Poor web development will lead to lower rankings because as we said Google is looking to enhance user experience. This means that sites that take too long to load, have poor navigation and are crammed with information cannot enjoy great rankings. Also ensure that your website is mobile friendly because nowadays people are using mobile devices more than PCs. A mobile friendly website can optimize your site.

Social Media

Last but not least, take advantage of social networking sites. The more shares, likes and comments your content generates, the better for your SEO efforts. This shows that your content is relevant.

There are quick fix ethical SEO techniques; you must work hard for great rankings.

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