SEO Case Study

SEO CASE STUDY –Data Doesn’t Lie:

This client had decent, but boring content, coupled with decent on-page optimization – They still received only minimal traffic.


Unfortunately, what little traffic they were getting was not converting to leads and sales.



  • Their content was boring, and offered no sales copy. Some of the content was well written, but didn’t’ speak to the companies real buyers. Let’s call it like it is….if was filler, and to my client, worthless in value.


  • Their inbound link portfolio was slightly lacking.

We saw great opportunity here!

Having heard the ‘you need better content and more inbound links’ sales pitch many times, they were understandably skeptical.


After all, they, like many others, had invested upwards of 8k a month only to get nothing in return. Traffic did not grow, sales didn’t grow, and their internet marketing company just kept advising them to “spend more, spend more!” Sound Familiar? Excuse after excuse.


Perhaps you’re website site traffic growing, but your leads aren’t. Likewise, you too probably have a bunch of fluff content that doesn’t speak to your buyers. That’s because a lot of SEO companies like to published content that’s easy to rank for, but serves to real value you their customer. When you complain that sales aren’t up, they in-turn respond by telling you ‘that can’t be, because website traffic is way up’. It’s a BS argument, and I hate to say it, but it happens more often than not.


Content does work. But it needs to be relevant to your website visitors, and able to convert sales. You’re better off getting 100 visitors a month that converts 5% leads, than getting 10,000 visits that covert 0%. Don’t buy the lie that more visitors automatically equals good SEO. 

Links do work, but they need to be acquired from real, authoritative websites.



In this case, it was simple. Aside from some basic on page optimization – we took two steps.

  • 4 new, fresh pieces of optimized content were published each month. Each piece was written to target active buyers that were ready to make decisions. We were not interested in boring sales copy that had absolutely nothing to do with the people they really needed to reach.


  • Multiple quality links earned each month. This was a robust link earning solution from real, trusted websites with DA’s of 30 – 60. These links were natural. They were a mix of .edu’s, social media, guest posts, press releases, citations, etc.



This client spent less than 3k a month, tripled traffic, and more than doubled sales.


How sure are we this works?

Because, unlike nearly every competitor in the country, at Peak Marketing Service we practice what we preach! Capturing over 20,000 leads a month, we are one of the only SEO companies in the country that sell more leads than we do SEO services. In fact, 85% of our revenue is solely generated by lead sales.


This year we are set to grow by more than 70%.

How’s your website traffic?

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