How to Get Ranked at the Top of Google

Many people today ask the question “how does Google rank pages at the top of their results” and most of those people think when they perform a Google search that they are performing a search of the web when in actuality they are performing a search of Googles index of the web. Google uses software programs known to most as “spiders” which start with a few web pages and then crawl the links and follow them to the pages that they are pointing to, and then repeating the process by following those links allowing them to rapidly index the bulk of the web.

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Let’s see who and how Google ranked this search at the top of the web. Take for example if you wanted to know how tall the tallest man ever was and you had typed a Google search of “tallest man ever”, what happens next is their software would browse through billions of web pages that they already have indexed and look for web pages that contain those words. From there Google must decide which of thousands, if not millions of pages containing those words should hold the top position they return to the user. So just how do they make this decision? Google uses a very complex algorithm system which behind the scenes is asking itself over 200 questions like how often does each webpage contain the keyword searched for, are they in the title tag, or do they appear in the url. Google also looks for synonyms for the search term while trying to also decide if the page is high quality, low quality or total spam.

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Another part of their algorithm will be deciding a webpage PageRank, which is a system they created that looks at outside links pointing to a website and just how important those links really are.

This complicated process takes about ½ a second to complete and the user is presented with relevant results almost every time.

Contrary to much talk of “wanna be” SEO experts Google never accepts payment to improve a website rankings, Paid advertising does not boost organic rankings.

Of course if you really want to know how to get ranked at the top of Google you’ll need to be up to date with their ever-changing algorithms designed to deliver better results and remove spam.

Bottom line the only way to achieve top rankings on Google is to make sure your on page SEO is s fully optimized for search engines, you content is great and capable of “earning links” from other websites and you have a multiple strategies in place for building links from high quality third-party websites.

So the answer to getting ranked on Google may be easy but actually doing it can often require the service of an SEO company.

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