How to Write Content For Any Boring Business

Boring ContentWhen it comes to boring, or difficult businesses, writing content can be darn near impossible. Here’s a few tips to easily overcome it.

Content marketing cost substantially less than traditional marketing and generates 300% more leads. It’s no shocker that 9 in 10 businesses use content marketing as part of their marketing efforts and that it continues to grow in popularity. Content marketing, when done correctly, delivers massive returns on your investment.

But what do you write about if you’re in a boring business?

Does content marketing work for industries that are not exciting, and hard to explain?

Will people actually read your content if you publish it on your site or blog?

Will it actually be able to earn links, social media shares and boost organic traffic, leads, and sales?

The answer is YES. In fact, you’d be crazy not to do it.

Here’s are some great ideas you can use create great content for boring niches, and still enjoy huge gains!

What Problems Do Your Customers Face?

First things first. No content is boring if it solves a problem that your prospect or customer has.

For example, content about repairing an HVAC unit might be less exciting than “How to lose 50 lbs in a 7 weeks,” but when you have guests coming over on a hot summer day, and your AC is not pumping out cold air, that article becomes VERY interesting, VERY fast.

When you publish informational content that solves peoples problems your content is not only not boring, but it’s exciting and valuable.
First, you need to make sure you know your customer and what type of problem you might need to solve for them.

Here are a few great ways to get content ideas:

• Write a list of questions you, or your salespeople are asked every day.
• Visit blogs and forums where people are discussing your topic and see what they are talking about.
• Use Answer The Public to find questions that are popular.
• Use this cool tool by Neil Patel.

Turn all these ideas into an informative and valuable content!

Help Your Website Visitors Achieve A Result

Another way producing great content is to find out what end result customers really need, and show them step by step how to get it.
Selling “Lawnmowers” sounds extremely boring right?

So, how would you produce content to sell law mowers? Well, Toro did it. I’m sure you noticed that people really like those cool lines you see in people lawns. So, Tora has a lawn mower that makes that simple. They created a ‘how to do lawn striping’ video and it’s already had just under 2.3 MILLION views.

You can bet that 5 minute video resulted in a lot of lawn mowers being sold.

Here’s the video:

So, ask yourself. What problem does your product solve for your customer. Then, create a ‘how to’ piece of content the really, and truly shows them the steps thy need to do it. Who knows, if you do it right, you might sell all of your inventory overnight.

So get to writing or hire a content writer today.

Good Luck!

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