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New! Enjoy this library of videos where we rank on page 1 of Google. SEO works, and this is the proof.  No matter what your industry, we can help.  Learn more about how we ranked thousands of pages in the #1 spot.

Watch Mike Rank on Page 1 for “ADP Payroll Cost 2020”


THE PROBLEM: This client is a nationwide buyers guide for B2B products and services. They need to rank for thousands of unrelated terms. From copiers to coffee service, and beyond, we help them accomplish this goal.

THE SOLUTION: Today, we helped them rank for ‘ADP Payroll Cost 2020’. This helps our client connect payroll companies with thousands of businesses all over America.

In the live video I ranked #4. You’ll notice I talked about mistakenly using a long url, and that I was going to fix it. After fixing it, just 2 minutes late……we now rank #1.

Watch Mike Rank on Page 2 for “Quickbooks Payroll Cost 2020”


THE PROBLEM: After just ranking live for ADP Payroll cost, the client asked us to do it again for a similar term (Quickbooks Payroll Costs in 2020).

THE SOLUTION: We win some, we lose some. While we missed hitting page 1, we did rank in the #1 spot of page 2. Close, but no cigar. With a little bit of extra link building we can easily turn this into a page one keyword. Never give up! SEO works.

Watch Mike Rank #1 for “Roofing Cost in Tucson, AZ”


THE PROBLEM: This client offers a nationwide quote service for over 20 different home improvement industries. It’s hard to rank for these extremly competitive home improvement terms.

THE SOLUTION: Today, we helped them rank for homeowners looking for prices on roof replacement in Tucson. With a population of over 1/2 million, this customer can expect lots of leads from this latest #1 ranked spot on Google.

Watch Mike Rank #2 Spot (Page 1) for “Steel Storage Containers Birmingham”


THE PROBLEM: Steel storage containers is a big business, with lots of dealers. This client needs to rank on page 1 in over 200 major cities.

THE SOLUTION: Today was business as usual for us, and now you can watch us rank #2 (in about 60 seconds) for ‘steel storage containers Birmingham’.

Stay tuned for more live videos and newly top ranked webpages on Google!