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Because SEO is Not What You Want. It’s Leads

We don’t want to be the typical SEO company. If we would’t sell it our friends and loved ones, then we shouldn’t be selling it to anyone.


Our Story

Marketing Evolved

Our story begins in 2006, not as a marketing company, but as a customer. Like most of you, we too spent a small fortune on SEO services. Month after month went by, and instead of seeing leads we were flooded with fancy reports and false promises.  Sound familiar? It turns out our story is not the exception, but seemed to be the rule.

If you’re like most people, what you really want are leads. You want leads that are qualified and ready to buy NOW.

We saw a need, and we created a solution.  

In 2011 we started Peak Marketing Service and rocked the SEO world. We did something no one else would do. We sold leads. We didn’t sell SEO. We created our own websites that were well-oiled lead generating machines. We put our money where our mouth was and asked our clients to only pay us for leads they actually received.  We had something to prove and we did it in a big way.

Today, we capture serious prospects in a wide array industries and we have hundreds of trusted companies buying our leads each and every month.

Peak Marketing Service has since expanded its business to offer SEO services using the same techniques that deliver over 25,000 leads a year. When we say leads, we mean prospects that are seriously engaged in the buying process and ready to buy NOW.

Here’s how we do it.

  • We begin by making sure any content we produce and optimize accomplishes one of two goals. It must either directly target a serious buyer that is actively searching for your services, or delivers so much unique value that it can EARN links from trusted authoritative websites.
  • Our second rule of thumb is building your websites trust and authority in the search engines by earning links. Keyword earning. No spammy links from low quality directories. No automated link building scams. We go after quality links through guest posts, press releases, and premium editorial Links from niche websites.

When you work with us you won’t deal with pushy salesman and you won’t sign your life away with  long term contracts.  We’re here to earn your business and we believe we can earn if for life by delivering results that conquer your revenue goals.

Discover for yourself what internet marketing is supposed to look like.

Give us a little of your trust and we’ll earn the rest.



Mike Cynar